Al-Ko 12 1/4in 9-12K LH Elec Drum Brake K23-528-00

SKU K23-528-00



Fits AL-KO, Hayes Axle 9,000lbs-12,000lbs.  Left hand 12-1/4" x 3-1/2" electric brake assembly.  Complete Brake Assembly (ready to bolt on and wire).  Mounts with 5 bolts.  Mounting bolts and nuts included.  
» In 1987 the 10k brake was redesigned to use a vented  magnet. 
» In 1989 the 12k brake was redesigned to use a vented  magnet.
» In 1995 the 9k brake was redesigned to use a vented  magnet.

» All new brake assemblies will NOT have 2 mounting holes like the old style magnet had, but the brake functions in the same way.

• Fits AL-KO/Hayes 9,000lb-12,000lb axles.
• Left Hand 
• Driver's side
• Complete assembly
• For use with a 12 1/4" inside diameter and 3 1/2" deep drum
• The shoes are 3 1/2" wide 
• Self adjusting


*Right Hand: K23-529-00

To determine the size of the brake, you need 2 measurements.  The first is the diameter of the brake(D).  The second is the width of the shoe(W).  It is good to take note of how many mounting bolts the brake has.

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