Bulldog 25K Twin Cam Spring Loaded Sidewind Dropleg Jack 12.5" Lift 182701TC

by Bulldog
SKU 182701TC



The Industry's Strongest Drop Leg Jack. 

• 12 1/2" Lift
• 13 1/2" Drop-leg travel
• 4" Tubing width
• Spring loaded
• 12,000lb Lifting capacity
• 25,000lb Static capacity
• 10" x 10" Square footplate
• Limited 5-year warranty
• Crank handle sold separately

The Bulldog Twin Cam features a convenient, enclosed pin mechanism with "twin cam" action that will quickly make this heavy duty, drop leg jack the industry standard. 

The Bulldog twin cam drop leg mechanism allows an increase in the vertical static capacity by using two 3/4" pins to transfer forces between the drop leg and inner tube of the jack.

The unique twin cam drop leg mechanism actuates the drop leg pins in both directions, giving the operator full control over engagement and disengagement of the drop leg pins. The design does not rely on spring pressure alone to keep the pins in the locked position. Patent pending.

The enclosed twin cam drop leg mechanism keeps dirt and debris from interfering with the engagement of the drop leg pins. 

The twin cam drop leg mechanism maintains tighter alignment between the drop leg tube and inner tube by having engagement on both sides of the drop leg tube. 

Easy access grease fittings allow for lubrication of internal jack gears and jack screw/nut. 

Patented screw stop prevents screw and/or nut damage when the jack is fully extended, keeping the screw in good condition for maximum screw/nut cycle life. 

Patented assembly design makes the gears, jack screw/nut, and other internal components easily serviceable. 12.5" of screw travel

Drop leg features 5 positions with 13.5" of adjustment.

10" X 10" heavy gage steel foot plate. 

Heavy duty 1" diameter steel input shaft. 

Compatible with Bulldog powered drive electric motor system (reduces lift capacity to 7,500 lbs).

(A) Retracted=28.5" 
(B) Extended=54.5"
(C) Dropleg=13.5"

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