Kodiak 2.440in RED EYE Bearing Protector REBP2440AC

by Kodiak



Kodiak 2.440" OD RED EYE Bearing Protector 

Protects wheel bearings from contamination by water, and dirt by providing and maintaining a positive hub seal.  The RED EYE Bearing Protector  tells you when it is full and when to add grease; preventing over filling and causing inner-seal failure.  When the red washer on the indicator is flat against the housing, it is time to add grease.  If the RED EYE indicator repeatedly tells you to add grease, this alerts you to a possible inner-seal failure that you may not realize you have without the RED EYE.  Limited Lifetime Warranty.

With its patented chrome plated aluminum one-piece housing and 2 O-ring seal, RED EYE is the only bearing protector guaranteed not to leak grease.  Most importantly, it assures you it is keeping dirt, water and other contaminants our of the wheel bearing area.  This, combined with a spring-loaded piston, maintains a constant positive pressure on the hub, even when submerged in cold water.

• 2 Protectors
• 2.440" Outside diameter

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