Optronics Red/Amber LED Thin Line MRK/CLR Light MCL-65ARB

by Redline



Optronics red/amber LED fender mount thin line clearance/marker light.  Features sonically sealed, waterproof lens and housing in a single unit.  Multi-diode design optimizes light output.  Bracket(sold separately) mounts on industry standard 3" centers.  Single wire design grounds through mounting hardware.   Available as both individual unit and kit. MCL-67 version of light with A65PB bracket/plug assembly has "plug-n-go" that ensures an easy, watertight connection to the electrical harness.

• 6 Diodes
• 3-7/8" Overall length
• 1-1/4" Width
• 7/8" Tall
• Light only
• Uses standard 2 prong plug or mounting bracket
• Waterproof
• Lifetime LED Warranty

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