Stillwell Hydraulic Jack Kit D7

SKU 140068



  • When you upgrade your PJ dump trailer with a Stillwell Hydraulic Jack it will save time, energy and more importantly your back!
  • After a long day on the job, it is a great feeling to unhook your trailer with a push of a button. Stillwell 7k hydraulic jack kit:
  • This kit includes the valves hoses and hardware to install this jack kit on bumper pull PJ dump trailers larger than D5.
  • Please Note! The mounting bracket for this jack must be welded on the tongue and the toolbox will have to have holes cut in it for the hoses to go to the jack.
  • Fits D3, D2, D7, DH, D9, DC, DL, DM, DJ, DK, DN, D8, & DT trailers

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